Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 Tips to score one night stands - For Men

As men, we know that the allure of a one night stand may be greater than any other sexual adventure. But let’s face it, most woman love to cuddle and usually want to keep in contact with all their sexual partners. Even though we know women are more selective with the partners they choose to be intimate with, you would be surprised at how many woman fantasies about sex with no commitment. With the right persuasion you could guide any woman into a steaming hot one night stand without them feeling guilty.

  1. When you’re out on the town, the first move is to find a girl that is not surrounded by her friends. The more friends she has around her the more easily they will try to convince her not to go home with you or make her feel guilty about it.
  2. Don’t get too drunk. Make sure you’re alert and witty. If you drink too much you will lose out on reading the girls signals. She could be crossing her legs and revealing that’s she’s not wearing underwear or she could touch her bra strap or caressing her thigh. These are all signs that she’s horny and into you, and if your too drunk you’ll miss out on the opportunity for a steamy night.
  3. Don’t get her too drunk. Even though you think it’s easier to score a hot chick when she’s drunk, you don’t want to clean the mess when she’s blowing you later. Plus, she’ll probably sober up in a couple hours and if your still there she might want your number.
  4. Smile and be confident. Girls are strongly attracted to men that are self-confident. You’ll notice that chicks will start to approach you. If you’re in a group, try to find a seat at the bar alone, the more guys you have around you the more intimidating it can be for her.
  5. Don’t go crazy with conversation. Just like you, if the woman wants a one night stand, she won'tdon’t want you knowing where they work so you show up the next day. Keep the conversation interesting without being too personal.
  6. Give lots of physical compliments. The more the girl thinks she’s sexy the more confidence she will have when making the decision to follow you home.
  7. Go to her place not yours. When close to last call, offer to walk her home. Be sensitive without being corny. As you walk home compliment her on her walk, legs, wrap your arm around her waist and slowly cares up and down his ass and thighs. Once you get to her place she will be begging you to come in.
  8. Be prepared and Be Safe. Due to the nature of one night stands, and the fact that you don’t want future contact with this person. Be as safe as you can. Make sure you have a few condoms on hand. And pull out, even if you use a condom, you don’t want to take the chance, just in case the condom breaks.
  9. Get her off first. Giving her some attention will ensure you a better arousal. If you expect her to do all the work she might decide that she made a wrong decision and will kick you out. Make her comfortable, plus nothing is sexier than a woman getting off.
  10. Don’t fall asleep and don’t leave right after it’s done. If you jump off her and get dressed and walk out the door, you will probably make her feel like a whore. Try taking a shower with her after it’s over. It gives you a chance to set up for the goodbye and avoids the whole cuddling thing. Leave her feeling sexy and confident about her decision.
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