Saturday, February 5, 2011

AddOnIs 1.49 Blackberry

AddOnis, software application developed by Twinkle, whose function is to allow manage various aspects and functions of the BlackBerry device. This application allows a call from Block to Being knocked off the WiFi to a network in order to save battery life and more ...

This version comes with a nice interface that lets you set a quick and easy.
  • AddOnis not create an icon is installed in the BlackBerry Options.
  • Led Option Reset AddOnis / Phone Call.
  • "Auto Power Off WiFi, if the WiFi is out of range, it automatically turns off to conserve battery power.
  • Insert emoticons in SMS / MMS / Email / PIN messages, these faces can be easily customized.
  • Send the call log to your Address Book to create new contact or update existing contacts.
  • Call Firewall.
  • Automatic / AutoStandby
  • Signature of SMS, SMS can automatically add the signature when sending an SMS.
  • Send To option, which like sendX to send information between the BlackBerry's native applications.
  • Save As option that allows storing information on the microSD card format. Txt.
  • Update Flag, which can mark the post with a red flag.
  • call records in Calendar.
  • Vibrate to connect and disconnect a call.
  • Vibrate Sonar at a time.
  • Led Notification on missed calls.
  • Add / Update a contact when a call.
  • Notification calls after few seconds.

To Set:
Vibrate to connect and disconnect a call, Led Notification for missed calls, Vibe and Sonar, add a contact, call records in Calendar and Notification in the call; Enter the application will then go to the "PhoneCall" followed "ticking" the settings according to your preference. To Set the Call Filtering: Go to the "CallFirewall" and then must "ticking" options according to your preference and select the type of lock you want.

Configure AutoLock and AutoStanby:
Go to the "Autolock" and select "Keylock" or "AutoStanby" then you must set the seconds that you want to lock, and below, should be "ticking" or select the applications that you want or need which disables the automatic lock.

To add a signature to SMS:
Sign in or go to "SMS Signature" once there you must write the signature you want displayed in the SMS.

To Edit and Add Emoticons:
Go to the "Emoticons" and click on "Menu" and then "Add."

Disable when disconnected from WiFi coverage: Go and enter "WiFi Options" and then you must select "ticking."

How to use the option to mark Flag Update Email's: Should enter the post open Menu and click "Update Flag."

Using the Save As option to save the information in. Txt: In the area of memos, e-mail, you must open the "Memo" or "E" and then click the "Menu" and then click on "Save as" and then must select a name and where you want save.

Some positive and supportive of this Application:
  • Works in the background and does not consume so many resources.
  • Performs the functions and tools contain more than 10 applications.
  • It is very light weighing only 83.1 KB.

"Ultimately this is an application that everyone should have installed on your BlackBerry, because with it you can manage many aspects of the BlackBerry, easily, quickly, and easily taking everything in this excellent application."

Works in:
Blackberry OS 4.5: Pearl 81xx series, Curve 83xx series, Curve 87xx series, 88xx Series.

Operating System 4.6, 4.7, 5: Flip 82XX series, Curve 85xx series, Curve-Javellin 89xx Series, Storm 95xx series, 96xx Series Tour, Bold 9xxx series.

It is compatible with OS 6, and BlackBerry devices that support it. This excellent application is paid and is priced at $ 6.99 in the MobiHand store.

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